Honda Odyssey throttle problems

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2005 Honda Odyssey LX 3.5L (J35A6) 5-spd
P2176 - Throttle Actuator "A" Control System - Idle Position Not Learned

Auction vehicle with no history, sets P2176 and won’t clear. Customer brought it in with new aftermarket throttle body installed and spare used throttle body, as well as two used PCMs​.​Problem still continues​.​TPS voltage A is at 0v..TPS voltage B is at 0v on scan tool... Circuit integrity on both TPS signal wires is good.. None are shorted to ground either.. The most interesting thing of all is if I disconnect the c3 connector at the PCM which has the 2 throttle body motor circuits the TPS signal voltages appear and the throttle voltage sweep correctly if moved manually...Seems as if the PCM detect a problem with the motors and defaults to 0v but on two throttle bodies? What do guys think?

Jeremy Technician
Rhinelander, Wisconsin
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Try this. Not sure if you'll be able to rev engine or not. But sounds like pcm idle needs to be relearned.

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Marcos Diagnostician
Phoenix, Arizona
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I forgot to mention that we tried the manual relearn but the vehicle doesn't accelerate.

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Dan Technician
Palatine, Illinois
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You should be able to learn the throttle values with a scanner, it try that

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Marcos Diagnostician
Phoenix, Arizona
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We also tried it with the scan tool but the procedure gets aborted because the dtc is detected

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Albin Diagnostician
Leavenworth, Washington
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This electronic throttle system, is very picky about how it works. In the case the PCM doesn't like what it sees when it monitors the electronic throttle body, it will just shut it down. Have you read the DTC enabling conditions? Honda does a great job of spelling out what must happen for this DTC to set. You can take a scan tool and volt meter, preferably a graphing volt meter or lab scope…

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Gary Owner/Technician
Buena Vista, Colorado
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Right on, Albin...

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