Seeing Is Believing

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But is it true? (I guess this could fall under "Education" but....) I was reading an article last evening that had nothing to do with automotive. There was a video to go with it. While looking at the video, I had to stop and go, HUH? I took a screen grab. It's not doctored. The 1:03 mark in the video shows what things really look like. The screen grab is from around the 0:37 mark.


I found it to be an interesting reminder to not always believe what you "see", especially when it goes against what should be. Then again, without education, how would you know what is supposed to be? (rh) While I would expect to see something similar on a "moving" vehicle, a static screen grab bending the light got my attention. Speaking of bending the light, here is a tangent that technically has something automotive in it.



Yup, bending the light. I wonder when someone will create automotive applications with it. Damn, I love this field.


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A professor in Japan has been working on something similar

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