Noise at times Mazda CX-3 Skyactive

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2018 Mazda CX-3 Sport 2.0L (7) 6-spd (EW6AX-EL) — JM1DKFB76J0327948

This has been driven for a few weeks and has a click or banging noise starting out. It will make it hot or cold. may go a few days with out any issues. There is no codes, although it does miss or just loose some power at times. The noise can be there with out the miss. Some times the noise is just a popping sound. some times it sound like a bad pilot bearing. (auto trans here) Using a chassis ear the noise seems to be coming from the VVT area. This has oil controlled on the Ex. and Electric on the intake side. we have looked at the valve train and don't see anything. The PCM does pick up the noise and retards the timing. This only happens at low RPM's and low speeds, below 40 mph. Fuel trims less than 4%, fuel pressure is good. There is about 70 deg's of intake advance when the throttle is starting to open. I attached an audio clip of some of the noises. Most of the clip is in traffic and going slow. The last part is in my drive way where it acted up power braking this is the only time it has done this stopped. This car has 33,000 miles on it. Out of warranty by time.

Well The audio file is MP4 and I don't see that option as far as file extensions ?? what am I misisng

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Sounds like a noisy / sticking cam phaser. It happens on 2.0L Hyundai motors from time to time.

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I tried to convert this audio file to mp3 but it lost most of the noise. Here is a link. all of the noise above the valve train is what I'm concerned about. You can hear the engine performance surge on one of the start_outs. The last little bit is also part of it. dropbox​.​com/s/zj4qh3x1ld68… Thanks, Jerry

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We had the customer take this to the Dealer for a New set of Eyes looking at it. So far its still there after a week. I will update when I here what it is.

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