Introduction to ADAS Service - ASA Northwest - ATE 2020 Virtual Automotive Training - Aug 3, 1:00 - 4:30 PM PDT

Scott Manager Claremont, California Posted  
Autonomous Vehicles
Computer Vision

Hello everyone, 

I'm proud to have been selected to present an introduction to ADAS service session during the 1st ever ATE Virtual Training Event. Here's a short promo video for the event: 

In this class I plan performing some live visual demonstrations that should help one understand a little more about how these on-board systems are using software and electronics to help the vehicle understand what's happening in the world coordinates surrounding the vehicle. Some of this will be similar to what I shared with you all several months ago here

This ADAS Class is sponsored by AESwave​.​com 

Thank you Jorge and Carlos for your great support!

There are 4 days of training available for $225 per person. For more information please visit atetrainingexpo​.​com