How to appeal to the US technician

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Hi folks, my YouTube channel is primarily aimed at UK and EU technicians but I want to engage more techs from the USA in my channel.

The primary goal is to encourage technicians to get training and to give them a kick start to understanding how systems work and to develop a hunger for excellence whilst using the KISS principle.

Secondary aim is to raise the public perception of our profession.

Given that we have very few vehicles that US techs are familiar with, what would be the best subjects for me to cover in brief videos?

Many thanks in advance for your time.


Keith Diagnostician
Collinsville, Oklahoma
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My thoughts would be focus on the system in the vehicle, and not so much the platform. As we may be unfamiliar with the Renault Megane, Dacia Dokker or others that share the 1.6 K7M engine, we are very familiar with the EGR system that is fitted as well as the fuel system and immo systems that are fitted.

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Steve Owner/Technician
Northwich, United Kingdom
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Thanks Keith 👍

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Jim Mobile Technician
Southampton, Pennsylvania
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Keith, You just explained my 85/15% theory that I beat into Brandon's head the same way it was beat into my head. 85% of everything on a vehicle happens on ALL vehicles, E.G. the primary section of the ignition produces the secondary, the fuel delivery takes the fuel from the storage area and introduces it into the engine. But the 15% is how that particular vehicle does it. I always tell techs

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Brandon Diagnostician
Reading , Pennsylvania
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Keith has literally stole the words from my mouth. First, let me pay you a compliment: Your loveable presentstions and fun, outgoing personality make your material VERY well received! I “enjoy” watching your demonstration. I think Keith nailed it when he stayed to focus on “systems”. The Diag-techniques being applied Is what counts, not the vehicle (IMHO). Keep up the great work ans thanks

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Steve Owner/Technician
Northwich, United Kingdom
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Thanks Brandon 👍

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Angel Technician
Reading, Massachusetts
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I'm a subscriber to your YouTube, and the content you provide is great. I am over in the USA, but can still follow along and learn from you. The fundamentals you teach along with case studies can be applied to diagnosing vehicles over here​.​It's interesting to see the diesel diagnostics as over here in the USA they are not as common. Thank you

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Steve Owner/Technician
Northwich, United Kingdom
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Many thanks for your kind words :)More diesels incomingSteve.

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Dmitriy Analyst
Toronto, Ontario
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Hi Steve, do you have both the Pico and TiePie? Would be fun to see them going head-to-head at the same test and get a feel at the differences in usage, setup, features and tricks. Or may be I’m the only one who wants to see that :) Cheers!

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