Ford 6.7 Diesel Training coming to Dallas Texas

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Brand new class coming to Dallas Texas!! This is the first time this instructor will be teaching for us, I'd love to show him how much our customers love training!

This class is being taught by a Motorcraft trainer for WTI so it is a unique opportunity!diag​.​net/file/f535fr7ju…

Jaime Owner/Technician
North Carolina
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any chance they make it again closer to NC ?

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Tanner Instructor
South Carolina
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Hi Jamie, I checked the schedule and so far this class is not scheduled to come to Charlotte. That doesn’t mean that it won’t though. I will mention it to the person in charge of setting up the schedule.

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Ken Diagnostician
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Can not make it work due to Vision, are there other scheduled dates for this class? City does not matter!

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