Servicing Today's A/C – What You Don’t Know CAN Cost You

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There is a lot of focus on the latest technology trends; ADAS, 5G telematics, vehicle electrification - just to name a few. But it is often overlooked that the standard systems we've been working on all our careers are also evolving - and the A/C system is a prime example!

In this special Motor Age/TST webinar, sponsored by Neutronics, Tracer Products and MAHLE, Pete and G. will show you how much has really changed in just the last decade. Learn how to avoid common mistakes that can lead to expensive comebacks, tips and techniques to find even the smallest system leaks, and all you need to know to properly service the R1234yf systems that will be showing up at your door this season.

We'll even have a special guest on hand with definitive answers to your questions related to R1234yf, the new SAE standards and recommended best practices!

Not enough to get you signed up? How about this! As we've done in our past few webcasts, we'll be drawing the name of one lucky individual who'll be awarded a brand new Neutronics "Legend" refrigerant identifier. This is the top of the line model valued at over $3000.00! In addition, we also be awarding two other prizes - a brand new MAHLE R1234yf leak detector AND a Tracer Products R1234yf leak detection dye kit.

The chance to win any of these tools alone is worth the price of admission - register TODAY!


*Registration must be completed by 4 pm Eastern April 11 to qualify for the drawing. Drawing limited to registrants living in the continental U.S.

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