Stalling Dodge Avenger

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2012 Dodge Avenger SE 2.4L (B ED3) 4-spd (40TES)
P2107 — Throttle Actuator "A" Control Module Processor
U0100 — Lost Communication With ECM/PCM "A"

Vehicle came in with stalling problem. Customer had already replaced throttle body trying to fix the problem with no improvement. I attempted a throttle relearn with the scan tool and still no improvement. Upon further inspection I noticed that the main relay was not being commanded on by the pcm. All wiring to the relay checked out good, performed a pin out on the pcm and all power and grounds are good, just no signal for the main relay coming out of the pcm with key on . Just wondering what a next step would be before condemning the pcm.

Randy Curriculum Developer
North Carolina

The PCM may need to see a crank signal to close the relay...most Dodges of that vintage do. Try to actuate the relay with a scan tool KOEO.

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Geoff Diagnostician

I looked at the wiring diagram, and it says Main/ASD Relay. The ASD Relay on Chrysler stuff traditionally came on for a second or two and then not again until the PCM received cranking inputs. Unless you were checking it while cranking you may be headed down a rabbit hole.

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Caleb Technician

Please scope the cam an crank sensors while cranking. A lot of Chryslers will not command the ASD relay until it see cranking RPM.

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