New Matco scan tool coming?

Daryll Diagnostician Seymour, Tennessee Posted   Latest  

Hello guys,

Just curious if anyone has information regarding a new scan tool that Matco is supposedly launching in March?

I’ve heard that supposedly it does programming as well, but I don’t know the accuracy of that term regarding the tool

Chris Technical Support Specialist
Commack, New York
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I haven't seen it as of yet, but would suspect the tool comes with a J2534 interface and likely is able to load manufacturer specific software.

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Michael Diagnostician
Atlanta, Georgia
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Daryll, From what my matco dealer stated it is a program tool only, and links to a server like Autologic, but Launch Server instead. The tool is made and supported by Launch, so take that for what it is. No idea on coverage etc .Not many other details yet, june or july release date

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Eric Owner
Buena, New Jersey
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Yes Matco has a new partnership for a unique programming solution. Coming June 2019. Stay in contact with your local distributor, more details to come.

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Matthew Mobile Technician
Bartlett, Illinois
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I saw a picture today, is a re-branded Astech tool.

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John Owner
Medford, New York
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Daryll, I have been getting calls about this scan tool for the last week or so and have seen the promotional video. As Matthew stated it is re branded Astech tool. Everyone says they can build a better mouse trap. The truth is there will never be one tool or service that will be all encompassing. How many times have we heard in the industry "This will be the last scan tool you will need to

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