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Case Study
2012 Ford Mustang 3.7L (99M) 6-spd (443)

This is the first time i have run into this in my career, or atleast that I can remember, I scan both enhanced and global and I find no pids for the downstream o2 sensors.

I am looking right at them. I can only think of recommending a software flash unless someone has seen this before.

Bob Diagnostician
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

Have you tried more than 1 scan tool?

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James Diagnostician
Bishop, Georgia

Did you try another tool ?

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Richard Instructor
Palmetto, Florida

What scan tool are you using?

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Matthew Owner/Technician
Beecher, Illinois

Does the oxygen sensor monitor show as unavailable by chance? My guess is it has an aftermarket "performance" reflash. Many of them eliminate data for the downstream sensor and alter the monitor. A PMI on the IDS without doing the inhale will fix the software, but then you may have a bunch of codes depending on what was modified on the car.

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Dean Owner
Albany, New York

Only time I have seen that is when the vehicle is tuned.

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Darren Mechanic
West Allis, Wisconsin

Multiple scan tools attempted.

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Bob Diagnostician
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

In that case I would have to agree with others who said it likely has a custom tuner flash in it. I would try to flash it back to a stock configuration but caution the customer that all bets are off because of the non standard modifications.

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Andrew Technician
Commack, New York

If you were going to delete the downstream O2 sensor on a sports car the motivation would most likely be to remove the catalyst without causing a MIL for the cat monitor. I'm not familiar with the vehicle but check the cat out. Light rap with rubber mallet - Anyone in there? I think there are some rare cases where a monitor is not required to be implemented on a specific vehicle but I don't

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