2006 Nissan Frontier Low Power, Stall

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2006 Nissan Frontier LE 4.0L (VQ40DE) 5-spd (RE5R05A)
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Hey guys, Am just putting this case study just for fun, this truck came to the shop from a friend of mine, he doesn't have enough tools to diagnose problems like this, he replace the timing chains due to a noise on the upper tensioners, after that, truck would no stay running for too long and no power, he was saying that he notice on the data that one bank was running different than the other bank, now I got the truck and basically it barely stay running for two minutes with a very noticeable misfires, like is running on two or three cylinders, so I decide to do a compression test to both banks and the pictures below show that one bank indeed has some issues as far as I can tell, too much pressure when the exhaust valve opens, the pictures below are for both banks, now I unplugged the converter on the bad bank and the pressure when back to similar to the good bank, pictures are like this, pic 1, right bank, pic 2, left bank, pic 3, right bank without cat and the other pictures are from crank and cam sensors, the timing looks little be off but not enough to have a non-start condition and the last picture is the power feed to the ignition coils, what do you guys think?

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Roberto: Good morning Sir, I hope this email finds you doing well. Can you attach the Bin Files from your ATS Scope? The complete files might assist with helping you figure out what is wrong with this Nissan. Have you performed a Relative Compression Test using a High Amp Probe? If you could post Relative Compression along with Cranking Vacuum and a Sync Signal this would be helpful also Thank…

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Hi Jonathan, Am doing great Sir, I didn't think about that, you right, the thing is I did a relative compression and I forgot to upload that picture, and is true the Bin files will give a better direction, but by looking at the last picture you can tell that the power to coils has a big voltage drop, and that is the reason the truck won't stay running just barely, Am thinking that the relay has…

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Roberto check timing is not set right one side is off thank you.

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