Diagnosis Mode (PAD) for G Chassis BMW Vehicles

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2016 BMW 750Li Excellence 4.4L (N63B44O2) 8-spd (8HP75)

Starting with the G chassis vehicles like the BMW 7 Series (G11/G12) in order to scan the vehicle the car must be put into a diagnosis mode (PAD mode). This is performed by pressing the Start/Stop button 3 times in a row in under .8 seconds. This shall keep the key on and give you the equivalency of "Terminal 15" and should allow you to enter normal diagnosis with the scan tool.

check this link out for more info

Jeff Manager
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I see ISTA will automatically switch to PAD mode, will Autologic do the same?

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Nelson Manager
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Not yet, that feature is in the works. We are also working on automatically switching the ignition on and off when needed during programming/coding.

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