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Anyone here know of any Nissan specific training available to the aftermarket? We have lots of Nissans in our area and have discussed getting factory tools and I think Nissan would be a good first choice. But I would like to get training on it as well. 


David from Ambler



I have bought almost all of the SIR training videos and a lot of E-training modules from the Nissan site​.​ That is good place to start.

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Mike from Mount Pleasant


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I have been hearing that there is a new Nissan tool coming out. Not sure if that it true or not but either way I might hold off on a factory tool unless you do a lot of programming/configurations. From what I have seen the aftermarket tools have fairly good coverage for Nissan vs. the Consult 3+ and unless you're doing enough programming (1 a week at least) you will hate the process and wish you could sub it out. Even with the factory tool you are dragging and dropping files into folders and spending time on the phone with dealers trying to get the correct file numbers. As far as training I wish I knew... I might take the above recommendation myself and check out the E-training from Nissan at some point. I feel like most of what is offered to the aftermarket by OEMs end up being more along the lines new model guides but I haven't seen anything from Nissan.

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