Idle Stop and turbochargers

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I'm wondering.........

Given the proliferation of small displacement turbocharged engines and idle-stop technology, I'm wondering if the lack of lubrication at frequent spool-down will cause premature turbo failures.

Brandon Diagnostician

That’s a good question...I wonder if there is PCM-Logic, engineered to combat that situation , or perhaps some countermeasures like an electric aux oil pump, like for ATF and coolant (cabin heat)

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Tanner Instructor
South Carolina

Yes it will, typically The drain pipe is smaller diameter so the oil takes longer to run out than if it were say the size of your thum. With that said the oil does still run out. As long as the engine comes down to idle for say 15-30 seconds before shutting down the turbo will have some time to slow down before the oil supply is turned off. The amount of oil left in the center section also know

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Michael Mobile Technician

Rusty, Interesting point. Back in the day, there were many turbo failures due to the oil cooking and burning. The bearing / bushing technology has improved greatly. The oil today is much better that that of the 1980s. Most OEMs use liquid cooled turbos which help to cool the housings. Some manufactures even have a separate cooling system for the turbos. Still, if one drives the vehicle hard then

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Brendan Owner/Technician

Don't forget to include long interval servicing in the problem too. It's more common than not to have an electric water pump that will continue to pump coolant through the turbo, sometimes even in it's own seperate cooling system, but yes I agree it is a very demanding situation for a turbo, not conducive to reliability.

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