GM RPO Codes

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Here is a quick tip I just learned today. I needed the RPO codes on a 2018 GMC truck. I looked in the usual places and could not find the placard anywhere. 

I did notice that the manufactures tag on the B-pillar had a QR code on it. I pulled out my phone and scanned it in. I'll be damned if it didn't pull up the RPO codes right on my phone. I usually take a picture of the codes and use it to input into the scanner or to use as needed with service information.

No more digging in the glovebox or having to clean out the trunk and search for the codes anymore. THANK YOU GM!!!!!

I hope this saves someone some time and that I am not the last person to have found out about it.


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More information here- diag​.​net/msg/mv8zup6493…

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It's been mentioned here before, but for an advisor or even a tech, using RepairLink and clicking on the VIN Attributes tab yields the RPO list as well. Thanks for the reminder about the QR Code!

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I never knew, tried it today, works great. Thanks for the tip.

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