ATG December 2018 Class Schedule

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ATG's December Schedule for classes that you don't want to miss!

Please remember to sign up during the "Early Bird" pricing dates to save some $$!

The Vehicle Network class is winding down and we don't want you to miss it if we can help it! Once it passes your area, we will most likely not be back with it.

You can sign up via our website for classes that are 4 weeks out - please keep checking back for the updated list of classes: 

NEW SUBJECT: Ford 6.7L Powerstroke

  • …:30p-10p Tempe AZ with Dean Parsons
  • …:30p-10p Miami Springs FL with Wally Mouradian
  • …:30p-10p West Palm Beach FL with Wally Mouradian
  • …:30p-10p San Bruno CA with Dean Parsons
  • …:30p-10p Henrico VA with Wally Mouradian
  • …:30p-10p San Antonio TX with Eric Walker
  • …:30p-10p San Jose CA with Dean Parsons
  • …:30p-10p Raleigh NC with Wally Mouradian
  • …:30p-10p Carle Place NY with Kris Lewis
  • …:30p-10p Austin TX with Eric Walker
  • …:30p-10p Fort Myers FL with Wally Mouradian
  • …:30p-10p Montrose CO with Rick Kelley
  • …p-9:30p Clearwater FL with Wally Mouradian
  • …:30p-10p Colorado Springs CO with Rick Kelley

Vehicle Network Diagnostic Strategies

  • …:30p-10p College Park MD with Kris Lewis
  • …:30p-10p Ft Collins CO with Rick Kelley
  • …:30p-10p Elkton DE with Kris Lewis
  • …:30p-10p Denver CO with Rick Kelley
  • …:30p-10p East Syracuse NY with Kris Lewis
  • …:30p-10p Portland ME with Gary Machiros
  • …:30p-10p Buffalo NY with Kris Lewis

Toyota & Ford Hybrid Diagnostics

  • …:30p-10p Plainview NY with Kris Lewis

If you have any questions we can help answer, please let us know! …

Thank you for your time in reading this, please know it is greatly appreciated. Have a great day!