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Just following up on this post.

I'm a new comer to the community so to say. Been in various aspects of the industry since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

I haven't had a chance to network to the level of most of the members here due to various constraints.

I'd love some additional opportunities to expand my network. I may not have much to offer others right now, but as I continue to grow my knowledge, experience, and skill set I want to be able to pay that forward. 

Sometimes that requires a more one on one interaction.

Just a thought. Thank you to all the members, internationally and locally known names alike, for all you do for the forum and more importantly the industry.

Dean Owner
Albany, New York
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Chris, Networking is key! I like your attitude. If you ever need anything, feel free to call. Someday, I may need your help. Dean …

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Ray Diagnostician
North York, Ontario
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Happy to help out and share ideas. Feel free to contact me at … or by phone - … (Toronto, Canada).

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Anthony Technical Support Specialist
Kirkwood, Pennsylvania
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Hi Chris: It's obvious that you're quite capable of fogging a mirror. I'm going to reinforce a l'il secret that you already know. Sometimes, "a fresh set of eyes" is all it takes to allow a thought to germinate in someone's mind. The thought may not even have anything to do with what was offered. In …e you were not just being modest, don't sell yourself short. Anyhow, you can always feel free

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John Owner
Medford, New York
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Chris, In the automotive world and especially the mobile diagnostics/programming world networking is of paramount importance. On a daily basis I network with 8-10 people in my world of mobile diagnostics/programming. It is essential. Sometimes it is for information, other times a second opinion, and other times mental health. It is a support system that is needed in our line of work. Without

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Chris Diagnostician
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Chris Update

I appreciate the responses so far. I put it out there for myself and for anyone else who may want to network a bit better. We all have our strong and weak points, and I know I'm learning a lot here. Some of the discussions on airflow and using math channels in Pico opened up new dimensions to me. I'm reachable at … or …, if I don't answer the first time

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Matthew Owner/Technician
Orleans, Massachusetts
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call me anytime, i need to network better also. Matt … ase master and L1 …

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Allan Instructor
Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Hey Chris let me add my contact info to the list Allan (Al) …

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Bill Owner/Technician
Jackson, Michigan
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Agreed! And all the positive helpful responses are what I like most about this site!! When we stick together we all do better!!

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