2014 Smart Fortwo Electric

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2014 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive 1-spd
No Start

VIN: Wmeej9aa4ek730067. Local tow guy brought me this smart car that hes trying to Frankenstein together from a couple different abandoned ones.

Hes saved me from the side of the road many a time and I want to helpful…

I know nothing about these at all, is there supposed to be an insert or plug of some kind in this socket for pulling when your doing the hv disconnect?


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Keep in mind these are high voltage DC systems and they are dangerous. Wear electrician gloves. If you have service data, it will walk you through. If you have no data. Leave it alone and call around to see if another shop can work on this thing. You are not helping him by risking yourself on one of these.

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found what I was looking for….

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