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DN is building out our new Resources area and needs help from the membership. In order to kick this off, we are adding an incentive to help build energy around this project, in the form of a large bounty and tips — paid in DN tokens — to those that participate.

We are seeking resources such as oscilloscope waveforms, scan data logs, mode $06 reports, videos, pictures, reference tables, etc. In other words, useful data assets that would typically be beneficial to a member seeking comparative data. We don't want to get too granular on the requirements, potentially restricting creativity, however, we are providing some guidance to help you contribute resources that will make a difference for your fellow members.

We are asking members to submit new resources tagged with the proper vehicle (and any relevant symptoms, DTCs, or conditions), as well as a description of the resource. If multiple files are related to the same vehicle/symptoms/conditions, they should be attached to the same resource message (i.e. don’t split multiple files across multiple messages unless they are for different vehicles or symptoms or conditions). All content must be original, meaning that the author must be the one capturing the content. Raw tool data files should be accompanied by graphic representations (screenshots, etc.) as in the following examples:

2003 Audi Resource Submission

2016 Jeep Resource Submission

Users wishing to participate in this bounty will need to reply here with links to their resource posts. For every 3 resource messages you post as a reply during the active bounty period, you will receive a tip (minimum 1 DNT) from DN staff. Tips will be paid in promotional tokens, which means they can be used to pay for subscriptions, bounties, or tips to other members, but cannot be withdrawn. The bounty itself will be paid in regular tokens, which can be used for any purpose.

In 14 days we will award the bounty to the author who offers the most positive contribution, based on votes and conversations related to their resources.

Thanks for your participation.


Hans from Salt Lake City



That Audi waveform looks familiar :D

diag​.​net/msg/m4pv3lipua… diag​.​net/msg/m2xeo268pp… diag​.​net/msg/m11uio2sgf…



I have more that I've been meaning to upload anyway, including one of my captures that someone already uploaded here...

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Tony from Humboldt



We are constantly gathering enormous amounts of diagnostics data as we furnish auto dealers and auto auction services that :

1. Dealers utilize our service to pull diagnostics when appraising trade ins for the purpose of detecting faults to determine trade in value

2. Is also utilized at dealerships service departments to pull diagnostics at the time service writers receive the vehicles for up selling service

3. Is utilized at auto auctions which pull diagnostics at time of vehicle registration for benefits related to their recon, arbitration and post sale events

We are interested in partnering with anyone where our combined services increases the ultimate value to both our customers.

Contact me at …

Thank you,

Tony … 

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Hans from Salt Lake City



I gather my data to help anyone in need and give it away freely :D

It's a tough world out there being a tech, and if someone needs to know if what they have is good or not, I try to provide them with a known good if I can.

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Matt from De Soto



I'm glad to see you do something to bolster the worth of the site to many Scott. As I said when I joined, the one thing that really gave me caution about spending $$$ to be a member is the lack of resources here was a real sore spot for me to open my wallet. As well as the lack of real traffic on posts.

I'm hopeful this will become what you want it to, the industry needs something of worth to the techs of the world similar to what iATN once was before it became extremely commercialized and full of non professionals. And they allowed the monkeys of the site to run it.

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Scott from Claremont



Hi Matt, 

As they say, Rome wasn't build in a day. We're closing in on year one and we've come a long way in building what we have today, starting with a blank sheet of paper with the very first line of code written in early March 2018. For many here, they joined in to be part of something new knowing that they have the ability to help us build and shape this next generation platform. We knew that gaining traction was going to be tough being that we're now in a time where the Internet is much more mature leaving so many options to many in this industry.

I appreciate your support and willingness to participate. Any feedback you wish to send directly to me can be sent here: ….


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William from Ashland



Does items posted with a help request or case study go into this area also? Or do we have to post them separate? Thanks!

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Scott from Claremont



Hi William, 

The resource area is designed in a way that allows members to post stand alone assets that normally wouldn't necessarily warrant a post such as a case study. Do you have an example to illustrate further of what you're thinking?

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