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Can anyone recommend a shop management software that would integrate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The company as a whole does not want to leave NAV. But, Nav has poor integration for shop/service side of company. 

Jeff Manager
Manchester, Missouri
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I have used Winworks Autoshop for a long time now and it has a lot of good features and integrates well with many suppliers. It is a little pricy but tech support is very good and very user friendly. I have heard of a system called ShopWare but have not had a chance to look at it closely. I am sure there are other good ones out there but this one has worked well for us over the years Good…

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Steven Instructor
Cumming, Georgia
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Jess, I would take a look at Tekmetric. tekmetric​.​com

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Lee Owner/Technician
Jamesport, Missouri
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I started using Shop-Ware last month and couldn’t be happier. excellent customer service and very intuitive to use. Just started using 360 payments, one of their credit card processing partners and now when I share the RO with the customer via text/link they have the option to pay right in the RO.

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Scott Technician
Chico, California
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We just switched to TekMetric last week. so far its a great change. it takes a bit to get used to the flow and where stuff is. but after that its all so seemless. the included DVI`s are good. the ability to text customers the detailed estimate. then the invoice which they can pay right on their phone is also a huge plus. we tried Shop-Ware as well but it had a ton of features and the price was…

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Jess Diagnostician
Windsor, Wisconsin
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Main issue is interacting with NAV. Which is required.

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