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I also attended Mike Reynolds uScope class. The uScope is a great piece of equipment and I recommend it for any quick diag. Anyone wanting additional information can also go to the AESwave youtube channel and watch the uScope instructional videos. Just a quick tip for anyone out there.

uScope Basic Functions

uScope Advanced Features 1: Cursors and Data Management

uScope Advanced Features 2: Sample Speed and Zooming


Scott from Fresno


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Thanks Shane, glad to hear you enjoy the scope.

If you or anyone has questions when using the uScope, tech support is always available for either by phone, email, or here on the forums.

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Shane from Summerville



Thank you Scott, the uScope has been a great tool for me to do quick diag. I had one prior to even attend a class or viewing the videos. I just did not realize all of the extra features of it.

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