Ultrasonic Noise Analysis

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This is not a stethoscope. It is an ultrasonic frequency tool. It is modified with the addition of a U-Scope and a Bose speaker for demonstration purposes. This is an example video for an upcoming class Rich Falco and I are building. There is a measure of art in proper setup for the environment and target component. The unit does not require direct contact so safety is enhanced. It can utilize a hard contact probes as well when required.

I learned the basics fifteen years ago on NASA grade equipment. The cost of that equipment was prohibitive for many techs. This unit shows great promise at a very reasonable investment, in my opinion. Let us know your thoughts.

Pete Technician

I like the addition of the scope to "see" the sound. A plus for some of us older techs that have lost the ability to hear high frequency sounds. And I've used this technique for some time to locate water leaks - especially on RVs that are prone to costly damage when water intrusion occurs. Thanks for sharing Jim!

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Chris Diagnostician

pretty impressive. Thanks for the video this is great stuff

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Ken Diagnostician

The scope is cool . I think that visual rather than the beep would really helpful pinpoint a noise . Thank you for the video!

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Brin Diagnostician

I'm looking forward to this class. I can see a heck of a lot of potential for this tool, especially when when using a modified version like you and Richard have here.

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