6R Mechatronics Programming issues

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2010 Ford F-150 FX2 5.4L (V) 6-spd (6R80)
Reman Trans

… F150/MarK LT (6 Speed) … Expedition/Navigator (6 Speed)

I have not had this issue on the Explorers, but the same procedure may apply

Recently, I have found some issues with programming remanufactured transmissions. This procedure applies to the Mechatronics TCM found in late 2000’s Ford 6speed rear wheel drive transmission. This range of transmissions requires PMI of the PCM to initialize the TCM or Mechatronics assembly, not the entry of Solenoid strategy information.

Not all the rebuilders are "virginizing" the Mechatronics (TCM / Valvebody). This leads to a part number mismatch when performing the PCM programming. The error in FJDS would show as below:



First Delete the session


Then Navigate in Windows folder C:\ProgramData\Ford Motor Company\FJDS\Sessions and delete all of the sessions related to the vehicle that you are programming. Typically the sessions show the last 8 of the VIN and Vehicle Description. Sorting the folder by Date Modified will make it easier to isolate the related files.


Next you will need to disconnect the Transmission Bulkhead connector


Create a NEW FJDS session:


Perform the PCM PMI as installation requires:




After the PCM programming portion completes you will be prompted to “Cycle the key off then on”


After the key is turned off at this prompt, Reconnect the Transmission Bulkhead connector


Then turn the Key on

Continue Programming as normal


James Diagnostician
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Heck yeah ! Thank you for this

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Chris Technical Support Specialist
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Your welcome, sounds like you had this issue before....

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James Diagnostician
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Matt Technician
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Care to elaborate why you are having to do this? I've done many 6R transmissions and have never had to do more than Solenoid Strategy and ID. What are they doing with the transmissions that you have to do a PMI on the PCM?

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Chris Technical Support Specialist
Commack, New York
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The 6R… and 6HP26 transmissions where there is a TCM in the transmission not PCM controlled (SSID) I think I have the years a little too broad on the F150, … F150 … Expedition For example 2009 F150 Step 31 of the installation instructions state to: "Using the scan tool, reprogram the Transmission Control Module (TCM) with the latest calibration. " For this

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John Owner
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Chris, Great tip. Lets not get this confused though. If "rebuilders" were doing their job properly there would be no need for these work arounds. When people play Frankenstein this is the result. I go through this all the time at transmission shops that use used or "rebuilt" units from 3rd party sources. I find these sources to have no awareness or knowledge when it comes to these matters…

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Craig Mobile Technician
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Hi Chris, This is a great tip! I have ran into this before and the reman company just sent the Customer another Valve Body. Great to know this is a possibility. Thanks!

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