Counterfeit Parts

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How big of a problem is counterfeit parts? 

Here is one that I am pretty sure was a counterfeit part. 2008 Hyundai Accent non and came in with a VSS code P0501. I got the ticket and determined the RF wheel speed sensor was bad. This car doesn't have ABS but uses awheel speed sensor on the RF wheel for a VSS and uses a separate sensor for the speedometer. Only place that could get the sensor, quickly, was AutoZone. I told them it was a bad idea but they ordered it anyway. Got the old part off and opened the new part. The new part looked a little different but they both said MANDO on the sensor. So I thought, maybe it's an OE rebox. Installed, spun the wheel and no vehicle speed on the scan data. Hooked up the scope and no signal at all. So now they order one from the dealer, it's 3 days out. Get it today, installed and works perfectly. Pics of OE sensor and AutoZone sensor. OE sensor is the bigger sensor on the left in 2 of the pics and the bottom wire in the first one.

Shawn Owner/Technician

I got 2 speed sensors from the zone for a Jeep, both had Ate on the side neither worked got one from Jeep look identical to the other two but worked

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Sean Owner

It's most likely not counterfeit, just because the wells line that Autozone sells is reboxed oe parts about 50% of the time. I think you may have got one that was made by the same company, but for a different application, and had the wrong number stamped on it. If it was counterfeit, it would at least have the correct looking sensor end. Also, you can clearly see where they scraped off the

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Geoff Diagnostician

I'm with Sean, that part is just wrong, not counterfeit.

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Patrick Diagnostician

We have to educate to some of our customers that aftermarket parts just don't "cut the mustard" . Especially when it comes to electrical parts. I get tired of chasing my tail when an aftermarket part is the reason for poor results. We insist on OE electronics because "they work" !

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Kurt Diagnostician

- I dont think this is any different than an AISIN water pump for a Toyota. The spot where "Toyota" would be is clearly scratched off. They make them for Toyota, so they just make a few extra, scratch the name off and sell it as their own.

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Bruce Technician

Just because it had OE markings does not mean it is a real OE part. I have seen known counterfeit parts for firearms have identical markings and logos of a quality manufacturer. The part in question here had all the correct markings, brackets, and correct length. But the part did not work. It tried for a minute and then nothing. After removing it the magnet in the end of the sensor was very

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