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1991 Honda CRX HF 1.5L (D15B6) 5-spd (L3)
Stumbling On Acceleration

I am in the St. Louis area and have a customer who's son lives in Omaha. They are experiencing drive ability issues and the shop they are at is just throwing parts at it. Does anyone in the group live in that area or know someone with pressure transducer and/or diagnostic skills that could be recommended?

Thanks for any replies.

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Hi Paul, I'm not sure if they have what you're asking for, but if I broke down in a Honda in that area, I'd go to georgewitt​.​com

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Geoff Diagnostician
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I second Scott. The Witts are long-time respected, competent honest professionals. I can't imagine needing a lab scope to fix a 1991 vehicle, btw. People fixed them every day back then with no Pico. Basic testing is a lost art I think. But we are not there, George and Beck Witt can do it.

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Michael Mobile Technician
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Greenlight Automotive has a great team of mobile technicians.

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Dane Technician
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I’m not in Omaha, but if they can make it to Lincoln I’d be more than happy to help them out! Im at vision in KC right now, so I won’t be back to the shop until Monday.

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