Chrysler 3.6 Runs Hot

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2011 Chrysler Town & Country Touring 3.6L (G ERB Flex) 6-spd (62TE) — 2A4RR5DG8BR688172
Runs Hot

Hello, customer complaint is that van went over 250 degrees when climbing a local mountain. Found bad looking antifreeze so I replaced radiator, thermostat, coolant temp sensor, and rad cap. Flushed cooling system and test drove but still ran around 240 cruising 55mph with A/C on. Cooling fan seems to be flowing decent amount of air on high at these temperatures. Suspected water pump fin damage so I removed that but no issue found there. Customer agreed to replace that anyway so I did. After filling and bleeding cooling system engine still runs around 240 and does not seem to be able to come down from that even at idle after a test drive. We had originally verified when the engine was cold that the ambient temp and CTS were within 10 degrees of each other. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Eric Owner/Technician

What are you measuring the engine temperature with? Infra red camera? Non contact thermometer?

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Darren Technician

Test for hydrocarbons in cooling system

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Jürgen Owner

Does the cooling fan spin into the correct direction? Is hot air coming out when you turn on the heater and blower motor? This basically would confirm coolant is circulating…

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Dwayne Owner/Technician
Dwayne Resolution

I was just notified by diag,net that this thread was never closed, For that, I apologize. We had been primarily testing using the vehicle coolant temp sensor, and it seemed very reasonable because the thermostat opened right around 195. If I recall properly, the vehicle never boiled over- it was just that the customer believed the gauge was going higher than it once did. And yes, the heater…

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