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2021 Toyota Highlander L 3.5L (2GR-FKS) 8-spd (UA80F)
All Calibraton Done Successful Systems Inoperative Every Malfunction Light On
Front Radar Calibration After A Collision Repair

2021 Toyota Highlander, after a front end collision, i performed a complete calibration and reset steering angle sensor yaw rate G sensor and park assist sonar parking sensors , all calibrated correctly except for the ABS steering angle sensor, still no DTCs in all 49 control modules, Since the ABS control module was the only system that didn't successfully calibrate. The ABS light and the slip light did not blink after the calibration as it should simultaneously i started digging further into the live data I came across history stored events not to confuse with history past diagnostic codes these are history data stored in the module of past events similar to Subaru Blindspot cancel codes stored in the history Or like Mercedes Xenty events stored, but not as a diagnostic trouble code, once I reset the history event all systems came back to life. as I was reading through Toyota test service manuals I came across all the events and information that is not erasable with a scan tool or disconnect the battery very fascinating that the manufacture of stores in EPROMs through several different modules lots of information including the radar Blindspot camera data 7.5 seconds before any crash, It was common knowledge that the airbag module Crash data that could be retrieved like the black box of an airplane, but that was only ABS speed sensor acceleration pedal throttle response etc. but now with the Windshield camera 360 all around View , Blind spot and cross traffic sensors It's able to record and document the rest of the story. I guess the manufacturers are getting ready for the self driving cars and all the frivolous lawsuit ,youtu​.​be/IFLo38UzSi8&nb…;

Ali Engineer

Thanks for the valuable information. Please allow me to add some notes: Yes, Toyota invested so much after the accelerator pedal issue in '09. After that, brake override system is started to be used in the vehicles, which is no acceleration when brake and accelerator pedals are depressed together. Then, Toyota invested in Bosch CDR system although Toyota was using its own basic crash data…

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Robert Mobile Technician

Ok your video is interesting! But this is a lot of old news. If you were to read SI and follow the procedures to the bottom you would have realized you must clear the RoB in all the systems outlined. Toyota/Lexus has been capturing crash data for a long time. This is old news. Also in your video around the 7:30 minute marker you called the you called the camera a front circumference camera and…

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Ricardo Owner
New Jersey

I spend more time reading than working sometimes, it's crazy. Reading | Research makes “work” so much more enjoyable and engaging.

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Jack Technical Support Specialist

Thanks for your response I never tried the dynamic calibration on a Toyota whenever there's a static option I'd rather do that than to drive customers vehicles on the road especially when they're so new . , I like the Toyota add the dynamic option many dealerships around the country don't have the space and. don't have flat level ground without lift to perform static calibration, 99% of my…

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Rick Technical Support Specialist

Nice Job!

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