EASE Diagnostics to Cease Sales and Support

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EASE has been directed by its Board of Directors to take actions to wind down the sales of its diagnostic and emissions equipment by September 30, 2018.

On October 1, 2018, EASE will be merging with DENSO Products & Services Americas, Inc.

As a result of this, effective immediately;

  • EASE will cease sales of all diagnostic tools and related software such as the EASE Scan Tool, Reprogrammer, and QuikCode.
  • There will be no future updates to any diagnostic software, such as the scan tool and reprogramming assistant.
  • Scan Tool Versions 10 - X3 customers: Your current scan tool software will continue to operate as long as obd2​.​com and related URLs are active. It is planned to keep these sites active for two years.
  • Your current scan tool software will continue to work after these sites are removed; however, if you refresh your license after that, your scan tool will be disabled.
  • There is an update available for download that will prevent this from happening. Go to obd2​.​com/update​.​htm for more information and to download this update. All features you have unlocked, will stay unlocked.
  • Access to Ford Secure Controls will expire immediately.
  • The Reprogramming Assistant software will continue to work with your current installation. It cannot be reinstalled on another PC.

EASE/DENSO will continue to provide for the fulfillment of ongoing warranty obligations. Outside of warranty issues, you can purchase items from EASE’s limited stock (such as vehicle interfaces and cables) until September 26, 2018. There are no returns or refunds on these items. All sales are final and must be paid for in full at the time of purchase.

Michael Mobile Technician

Yup, I got that email too. I think all I have of theirs is the offline programming rig. It is a bummer for many who have more of their product.

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Sean Owner

I've got their version 12 software, but I haven't used it in over 4 years, because I haven't needed it. What they really ought to do, since their software will become useless, is just unlock it, and allow everybody to use it, since they are shutting down anyways. The discounted vehicle interfaces are useless, unless they are J2534.

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Matthew Owner/Technician

A lot of the software can be run using an ELM or J-2534 device. They sold re-branded Drewtech products.

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