Where our emphasis of education may be misplaced

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So, right of the bat what may hurt me with this link is that it is political, simply because the interviewee is apparently going to be running for office.

I have ZERO political agenda with this. I'm asking that you/we focus on the content. I looked for a more direct video clip, but this is the best I could do. If you wish, fast forward to about 7:20. Andrew brings up something that may yet again end up being me preaching to the choir, so then maybe we need to search for and/or create avenues (Diagnostic Network???) to expand this choir.


Michael Mobile Technician
Clinton, Utah
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Matt, I am with you all the way. Common sense should not be a political agenda. Most of us learned our best skills in the shop. We don't need free College, we need more on the job training. We do however need high quality training to keep up with new technologies. That is where the classroom should be focused. -Mike

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Chris Technical Support Specialist
Commack, New York
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I have had the same discussion with my own children and some of their friends. My wife as well as most of the parents I discussed this with disagree. Trade work will suffer due to this mentality. Getting a degree and adding student debt for some may be the right path, but it is not for everyone. Steering people away from skilled labor will also lead to a "top heavy" workforce. How long until the

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Michael Owner/Technician
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I don't have children. I have worked with a number of techs who have. Nearly all of them have stated they do not want their kids in this trade or any trade. Those who were ok with trades still didn't want them in this trade. Reasons varied but for the most part it had to do with being screwed around by management, looked down upon by friends and family, limited by what they can earn etc. The

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Chris Diagnostician
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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Matt, I was pushed heavily into higher education since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I went to a very good high school and was being pressured from both my high school and my old man to accept offers from some engineering programs. I chose to pursue automotive and equipment repair. After that decision I was treated differently and looked down upon, not to mention quite a bit of friction at

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Anthony Technical Support Specialist
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Hi Chris: I think that you're kind of dancing around the edges. By that, I mean you are looking at symptoms and not causes. It's true that critical thinking skills are paramount. When Jim and I converse, or used to when he was still relatively close to my area, we would have these discussions. Chicken or egg, if you will. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to this is education. Sound anathema…

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Chris Diagnostician
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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Well said Guido. Dancing around the edges I am. I have strong opinions about lowering standards in order to fill spaces, plus being in school is not the same as learning. We need to do something indeed, probably much more radical than most people are comfortable with.

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Bob Owner/Technician
East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
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This was a very frank and realistic discussion of a serious issue. It's a shame we don't see more of this on the political stage.

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Hans Diagnostician
Salt Lake City, Utah
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I might be one of the anomalies here, but I have a lot of random thoughts on this subject... First, I do have a Bachelors degree and I believe all those random classes (breadth and depth, humanities and science) help teach critical thinking skills, communication skills, and overall just make you a well rounded person. For some of my last classes, I needed a Communications Intensive (CI) and a

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