Steering Issue

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2014 Chevrolet Camaro LT 3.6L (3 LFX) 6-spd (6L50) — 2G1FC3D32E9193345
Steering Wheel Pulls To Right Or Left
And Follows The Contour Of The Road

Hi Everyone,

I'm working on this Camaro, and customer complaint is that the car follows the contour of the road and steers hard, I took it for a drive and one time it pulls hard to the left then next to right, it's inconsistent, I did a visual inspection on all the steering components and everything looks good from what I can see, was wondering if someone has any ideas what it could be? Thanks!

Jim Owner/Technician
North Carolina
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Is this EPS? Or hydraulic? have you check the steering angle sensor readings yet? Factory wheels or aftermarket? Any accident history? Possibly binding u-joints in steering shaft?

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Mark Engineer
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Joe find out if the owner or his friends or a another shop recently repaired the front suspension as in ball joints etc. Also remove the outer tie rod ends. Jack up the car and see how easily the wheel and spindle turn without the tie rod attached sounds like the vehicle has memory steer

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Victor Owner/Technician
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Check hydraulic hoses for cross connection.

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Douglas Technician
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you checked the front end, take a quick look at tires, I’ve seen tires after sitting all winter get flat spots and handle strange, if you had another set put them on or rotate rears to front, while jacked up check for smooth drag left to right no tight spots, take it for a test drive. If still apparent throw it on the rack and check alignment, also check Drag left to right with load on front end…

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David Owner/Technician
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Did you look for any TSB's? You may want to get it on a rack to check the angles to eliminate alignment issues.

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Michael Mechanic
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Does issue happen more during wheels turning to make turns or during, like lane shifts at speed? Tire wear is? Agree with 1st response re: check ujoint is steer shaft... can be an overlooked issue...

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Joe Owner/Technician
Joe Update

Thank you all for the replies! I am just waiting till it suits the customer to bring car back.

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