Looking for Fuel Pressure Reading While Driving

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2014 Ford F-150 XLT 5.0L (F) 6-spd (6R80) — 1FTFW1EF5EFB35751
Poor Fuel Economy

Looking for fuel pressure spec/waveform while driving. Thanks

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New York

Engine running - 5.0L (4V) 350-430 kPa (51-62 psi)

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Glenn Owner/Technician

the fuel Pump module controls the pressure. that data is in the scan tool . However that's just a command. It can be verified wit a scope or meter. Ford doesn't list the pressure down the road but they do list the % command. These are just typical and not always real accurate but it is something. good luck Actuators/Outputs PCM Pin/PID Only Measured/PID Values Units Measured/PID KOEO Hot…

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Brian Owner/Technician
Brian Resolution

A new Ford Pump pressure runs at 51 psi at Idle and cruising down the road w/ light load, and will jump up to 63 psi under loads. This truck was running at 45 psi and under load would drop to 34 or so and them jump up to 55 psi or so then back down to 45ish when it came in. Truck ran great, just complained of poor fuel mileage. Fuel pressure was all i found out of spec. Might be wrong, but how…

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Geoff Diagnostician

"You would think with low fuel pressure it wouldn't get worse mileage, but just have poor performance and about the same mileage. If im wrong please fill free to explain" I don't think you are wrong, however consider cause and affect and regular drivers vs. techs. I would expect the customer was adjusting their driving habits to compensate for the poor performance without realizing it. This…

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