2010 VW TDI new glow plug current testing

Hans Diagnostician Utah Posted  
Pico Technology
2010 Volkswagen Golf TDI 2.0L (CJAA) 6-spd (02E)

I hadn't captured a known good glow plug on one of these yet, so I took the opportunity to do so when I had a car that had been somewhere else, had poor quality glow plugs installed, and actually needed all four new ones installed. These glow plugs have a built in pressure sensor (neat little video here: youtu​.​be/FVTgwHssP9M), but I haven't found the specific Self Study Programme for the pressure sensor type glow plugs. It does look like they might run on 4.4v though, but I haven't confirmed it for myself.

What I found really interesting about this is the glow plug relay pulses them for less than 5ms, and will pulse them in their firing order. In the screenshot, you can see cyl 1 on time (clamped around the bundle of wires going to the glow plug) compared to all of them (clamped at fuse SB27, a 50 amp maxi fuse).

I included the initial current reading from first cycling the key, a second key cycle allowing the glow plugs to shut off automatically, and then a starting/idling capture, allowing the glow plugs to shut off automatically.