Programming used ECM and vin write

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2004 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4.0L (1GR-FE) 5-spd (A750E) — JTEBU14R540055430

Good morning!

I was called to program a used ecm to this Toyota. Using the latest Techstream, it couldn't read the VIN out of the vehicle, took many mintues to load after “connect to vehicle” and then didn't have communication with the Engine Module. With a generic scan tool I can communicate with ECM. I did the DLC jumper handshake for 45 minutes and the vehicle now starts and runs. 

My question is, how do I ensure I have the correct programming when I didn't write the vin, and “ECU upgrade” just shows dashes next to ECM?

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James Technician

If your generic tool can communicate with the pcm, you should be able to get the calibration number off it and compare it to current number.

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Robert Mobile Technician

I believe it is called mode 9. That should get you there calibration number if you were that concerned about it. I typically do the 30 minute handshake, write the vin ,clear the codes and off I go.

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Philip Educator

Nathan, I don't know what to say about the VIN write failure. Typically that can be done with an aftermarket tool. I supposed your concern is that the programming in the used module might be different, but as I'm sure you know, Toyota will not allow programming except in the case of an update anyway. In any case, unless you have an emissions program that requires the VIN to be the same, and…

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Mark Engineer

2004 should have had first generation immobilizer and my not store the vin before 2005. The 45 minute dlc 4-13 reset doesn't work for first generation. Thise need to virginize the PCM for immo reset, or get the keys and lock cylinder from the donor. Toy did have a separate Vin write tool in antiquity, but 2004 might not store the vin

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