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I pretty much despise anything Harbor Freight sells. However, they carry some decent weather tight carrying cases. I don’t think I would throw them in the river for testing, but I bought this small case for my Micropod II today for $16 and it works perfectly. 


Michael from Rochester



I have 2 of those apache cases and they are really nice quality!! I agree though I was skeptical. 


Dick from Manchester



I truly believe that Harbor Freight has it’s place. At Manchester Community College we use them quite a bit for tools for demonstrations such as dial indicators. We can buy 5-7 dial indicators for the price of one such as Starrett. The students have a tendency to “wreck any delicate tools”. The win is the school saves a ton of money & the students still learn on working equipment.

Also when you need a tool for a “one shot” operation it doesn’t have to be top of the line & Uber rugged