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My shop currently has a VSP license the owner has it under the business, I want to apply for myself under his account as sub-account. My confusion is on the application it states additional 100k bond per employee. Then it also states if you are going to have 1-3 sub accounts then it is more cost effective to register them as primary accounts

Has anyone gone through this process can you have 2 primary accounts under one business with different VSP ID? Any help is appreciated. 

Thanks Jaime

Donny Owner/Technician

Jaime, In the VSP program if the owner or another principal in the business is a Primary account they can have subordinate accounts. The fundamental difference is that the primary is responsible for their actions and their application in SDRM 2. We require either a $100K bond to cover a sub against employee dishonesty or a similar rider on the shops overall policy. This is because general…

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thanks for the reply Donny.

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