Gear Shifter Problem

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2013 BMW Z4 sDrive20i 2.0L 6-spd — WBALL5C50DJ104512
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I am wondering if anyone else has come across this concern. Occasionally when driving the gear indicator on the cluster will indicate that you are in a manual gear M1, M2, M3 ect but the shifter itself will still indicate that you are in drive. When this is occurring the vehicle is actually in the gear indicated on the cluster and the paddle shifters or manual gear shifter operation are not responsive. The vehicle will go into park, neutral and reverse but will go back to the manual gear when put into drive. It will snap put of it and function normally randomly. Our autologic support suggested flash programming the DME, EGS and GWS which i did and still no improvement. Any suggestions as to a next step?

Jack Technician

I would pull trim up arround shifter and check to see if a drink has been spilled on shifter.

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