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Some HD software came up in another thread, I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to free resources. Below are some links to download free software, please feel free to reply with more links!


Hydraulic ABS (HABS):


Instrument Panel Cluster:




Note: Some of the above links may need to be allowed by anti-virus. I have installed all of them and they are safe, also from a trusted source.

ServiceMaxx for pre-MaxxForce


Bendix ABS:


Eaton (Older Version, Direct Download Link):


Mack Truck (Thanks to diesellaptops​.​com):


Mobile Apps - Search in phone app store (I'm used to Google Play):

First-Link - code reader/live data for use with Nexiq

DTNA eLink - Daimler Truck diagnostics. (also see Detroit Connect)

Cummins has multiple apps - QuickServe, Connected Diagnostics, Fault Advisor

I hope this is helpful - and again, feel free to post more links. 

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Thanks Matthew I appreciate the effort.🙂

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Here is some more info, but you did get most of the good ones already! - Detroit DDEC Reports (Read trip data on Detroits) - ddcsn-ddc​.​freightliner​.​com/cps/rde/xchg/d… - Cummins Fault Viewer (They will give you a free license if you call your local Cummins distributor) - cummins​.​com/parts-and-serv… - Haldex ABS Trailer Software -

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Matthew Owner/Technician
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Tyler, thanks for adding to the list!

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Jeffry Educator
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Thanks Matt, I did this in the late 1990's for a few years; the list was much shorter then. (-; Here's WABCO: wabco-auto​.​com/aftermarket-se…

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