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Heavy Duty

Some HD software came up in another thread, I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to free resources. Below are some links to download free software, please feel free to reply with more links!


Hydraulic ABS (HABS):


Instrument Panel Cluster:




Note: Some of the above links may need to be allowed by anti-virus. I have installed all of them and they are safe, also from a trusted source.

ServiceMaxx for pre-MaxxForce


Bendix ABS:


Eaton (Older Version, Direct Download Link):


Mack Truck (Thanks to diesellaptops​.​com):


Mobile Apps - Search in phone app store (I'm used to Google Play):

First-Link - code reader/live data for use with Nexiq

DTNA eLink - Daimler Truck diagnostics. (also see Detroit Connect)

Cummins has multiple apps - QuickServe, Connected Diagnostics, Fault Advisor

I hope this is helpful - and again, feel free to post more links. 


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Thanks Matthew I appreciate the effort.🙂


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Here is some more info, but you did get most of the good ones already!

  • Detroit DDEC Reports (Read trip data on Detroits) - ddcsn-ddc​.​freightliner​.​com/cps/rde/xchg/d…
  • Cummins Fault Viewer (They will give you a free license if you call your local Cummins distributor) - cummins​.​com/parts-and-serv…
  • Haldex ABS Trailer Software - haldex​.​com/en/North-Ameri…
  • Wabash ABS Trailer Software used to be free and on the Wabash website, but it appears removed now. It never required a software license.
  • If you have a DG DPA5 adapter, you get the free DG Diagnostics Program (Reads pretty much anything, but only SAE generic data)
  • If you can get your hands on the old WABCO v10 software, it was free and no license required. It still works with todays trucks, works fine as a code/data reader.

Free Apps/Websites (Full disclosure, these are made by Diesel Laptops):

  • Truck Fault Codes - Look in the Google Play or iTunes store for "Truck Fault Codes". It is free, and tells you how to fix over 60,000 diagnostic codes. The sister product to this is TruckFaultCodes​.​com which is also free but has a paid version to get step-by-step repair information and wiring diagrams.
  • Truck Parts Cross - Look in Google Play or iTunes for "Truck Parts Cross". Essentially enter an OEM or aftermarket HD part number, and it tells you who else makes it. It was released last week, but we have 1.2 million or so part numbers in it. You can also use TruckPartsCross​.​com or the free desktop application as well.

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Tyler, thanks for adding to the list!


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Thanks Matt, 

I did this in the late 1990's for a few years; the list was much shorter then. (-;

Here's WABCO: wabco-auto​.​com/aftermarket-se…