Lindertech Training January 26-27, 2019; Toronto, Ontario (T.0)

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Lindertech North is back with a special 2 day hands on scope class in Toronto on January 26-27, 2019

This hands on scope training class is being led by the extremely talented Scot Mana and Scott Shotten. This class is targeted to Pico and Snap On scope users. You will be required to bring your own Pico or Snap On kit and laptop to be able to attend. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan shops will be getting first crack at the 25 seats available. Don’t wait to register…. First come first served!

We will be starting with some scope basics and progressing to more advanced features of the scope. Following is just a brief outline: 

  • Inputs: Analog: Potentiometers and Permanent Magnet Generators
  • Inputs: Digital: Hall Effect Sensors
  • Outputs: Solenoids and DC Electric Motors
  • Network Application
  • CKP/CMP Correlation
  • Relative Compression - Let’s be creative
  • In Cylinder Pressure
  • Advanced Application of Scopes - Put the pieces together

Cochrane Automotive Training Center located at 73 Chauncey Ave. Toronto, ON M8Z 2Z2 

Leah has secured hotel rooms for out of town participants, and the hotel shuttle will pick up from the airport if you book 24 hours in advance. Rooms to be booked through Leah to get the discounted rate. 

Cochrane will also arrange shuttle service from the hotel to Cochrane’s training centre so no need to rent a vehicle. Continental Breakfast, 2 breaks and lunch will be provided each day. There will probably be a BBQ Saturday night but this hasn’t been confirmed. Very little expense has to come out of your pocket once you get here.

Any questions please message me or contact Leah Cochrane @ … or …


Special thank you to Leah and John Cochrane for their hard work, dedication and passion for this industry

Thank you for supporting local training.

NOTE: to download the pdf click on the attachment and the top right corner is arrows. This brings down a pull down menu. Click on download OR message me and I can email the PDF which includes the sign up form