09 Mercedes SL550

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2009 Mercedes-Benz SL550 5.5L (273.965) 7-spd (722.9) — WDBSK71F69F143669
Airbag Light Srs Light

Hello DN,

I need some help with vehicle. I need the SRS/Airbag diagram for this vehicle. I tried with ProDemand and Identifix, but they have none. I do not have access to OE software. 

Other than the scan tool descriptions, I have nothing:

9183- The resistance in the ignition circuit containing component R12/1 (driver emergency tensioning retractor (ETR/GUS) ignition squib) is too high.

9243- The resistance in the ignition circuit containing component R12/21 (right front side airbag ignition squib) is too high.

Vehicle was hit on the driver rear quarter panel, it was bought at an auction with salvage title. 

Abass Analyst

Send a special request on on demande they will send it to you

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Steven Mechanic

Hello Tayyab, Here is the easiest route on Identifix when you have the component number… - Go to Identifix - Choose vehicle by VIN - In search box type “R12/1” Now you have all the info for component R12/1, which includes… - COMPONENT LOCATIONS - DESCRIPTION & OPERATION - DIAGRAMS - REPAIR Alternatively, if you just want the diagram, you can go this route… - Go to Identifix -…

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Don Technician

Communication Number: LI91.29-P-059366, Date: … Category: 110000 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Summary: The electrical wiring harness is trapped between the height adjustment gearing and the cushion frame. Read more at: obd-codes​.​com/tsb/2009/merce… Copyright OBD-Codes​.​com The Yellow 2 pin connector under both seats needs to replace and they come in a kit with both…

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Marty Technician

Not sure if the LI/TSB/Service bulletin you referenced applies to these codes,( Airscarf wiring issues) Although it is possible the 2 pin connectors may require the bypass, (see attached bulletin) but that usually applied to the early model years of the R230 chassis. I agree with Bruce's diagnostic process as a great first step.

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Bruce Owner/Technician

9183 sure sounds like a new seat belt for the driver seat is required. Put a 2.4 Ohm resistor in the body harness side R12/21 and see if the bag is bad or the body wiring or connector. I just repaired a Benz hit in the rear, it blew both rear seat belt pretensioners and the driver ETR/GUS as well.

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