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2012 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7L (K) 4-spd (42RLE)
P0883 — TCM Power Input Signal High

Code P0883 is logged as soon as Ign switch is turned from LOCK to OFF. 

Circuit T15 reads 12v immediately and will not go to zero until modules go to sleep. T16 mirrors T15. 

Turn switch to RUN and clear the code and the vehicle will behave with no issue. 

From RUN to OFF and back to START there is no problem. Vehicle can be driven. 

Once it is turned back to LOCK then to OFF the code will reset.

Turn the barrel to LOCK and leave vehicle, there is 12v on T15 (and T16) until the module time out.

There are no voltages coming from other directions on T15 or T16.

I believe the PCM is putting voltage out on T15 prior to the PCM monitoring the system once in the RUN position, may point to a faulty PCM?

There are no faults from the scanner data for Ign switch positions.

Any insights would be appreciated, Paul Tenney.

Robert Mobile Technician
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If you are certain that the voltage isn't coming from anywhere else then I 100% agree that the pcm is no good. If you need me to compare any voltages on a known good then let me know. I can probably find a 12 dodge or jeep today to check for comparison.

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Maurice Business Development Manager
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Thank you Robert, Paul is the tech working on this Jeep, I will pass this on to him on Monday and he will get back to you if he needs you to compare any voltages. I really appreciate your willing help, thank you. Regards Maurice

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Paul Owner/Technician
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Hi Robert, Thankyou for the prompt reply. I have just signed up to DN, didn't know about you guys until Maurice introduced me. If it's not to much trouble I would like to know if there is 12v on T15 when the switch is turned initially from LOCK to OFF. It immediately activates the Trans control relay and powers the trans solenoid circuit (T16) and the code is active. I think that what I should…

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