VSP & The Infield Fly Rule

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I used to play softball in a firehouse league. I wasn't real good but it helped because I like the taste of beer. I was in a game one time where the infield fly rule was invoked 3 times. The problem was that the rule seemed to have changed every time. Talk about confusion.

I came across an article this evening which I found of interest. Roger Grimes is a "Pen Tester". I've actually learned a lot from reading him over the past 20 years. He posted an article giving an "inside baseball" look at OAuth. Pay attention to the TSL part. Why? Because if an OEM is weak, it may come down on you.

I know that at least one OEM requires TSL. I'm reasonably sure that at least one does not. Personally, I never gave it a lot of consideration until reading the article. Then I said to myself: "Self, can I get screwed here"? Self replied back: "Ayup. Even if you're eventually cleared, it still cost you." One constant that I've noticed over the years is that no matter how things shake out, it's always on you.


Enjoy, or not as the …e may be.


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wusa​.​org/page/show/4870…; (For those of us who needed to be reminded). lol

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This is your second article where I had absolutely no idea what you were talking about. I DO, however, no baseball rules. Not sure if softball is different. It's a only a sport for drunks most places.

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The infield fly rule protects the runners. Who is the runner in this analogy?

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Hi Justin: The analogy was attempting to allude to the understanding of the rule can vary. VSPs are required to use a particular product and procedures. This is a stated rule. The article described a situation where all of this could be done and the rule wouldn't protect you as a VSP. Actually, you could be penalized because of someone else's (OEM) interpretation of a different rule (server…

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This seems to be a risk every time we log in or enter information at a site. Honestly, if i were to worry about this on a daily basis, it would consume me. Sometimes things are out of our control and are just a cost of doing business. If I or someone was unlucky enough to be singled out, it would absolutely suck! But I can not constantly worry about issues like this. The last paragraph…

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