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2007 BMW 335i 3.0L (N54B30) 6-spd
30Bb Injector Driver Fault Bank 2

I was just supposed to adjust the injectors. but when it got towed in it was not running on bank 2 with this driver code. I cleared codes 30BB remained. Adjusted the injectors and he did replace the rear 3. Then i disconnected all the injectors and coils because coils kill the drives so says a TSB. Code still won’t clear. removed ECU checked the harness just like the Autologic video. Its good. Powers and grounds are good. The injectors ohm 10M on 1 & 2 and the rest are at 200k which is weird. I opened up the ECU and ohmed the drivers like the video and they passed. has anyone seen something else inside the ECU cause that code? Is there some step I missed? I hate when it boils down to the ECU cause I fell the I'm always missing a step. 

Raymond Diagnostician

You are not missing anything, next step for this code is a new DME

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Greg Owner/Technician

Good afternoon. I personally have had to replace the DME as a result of failing injectors. Specifically, 2007 and 2008 vehicles tend to have the highest fail rate. I believe that certain models actually have an extended manufactures warranty. Just remember to check the injector numbers and replace all in the affected bank. I would recommend to make sure that the battery is fully charged before

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Steven Mechanic

We just had one of these recently, and we followed the Autologic video to test the drivers on the ECM board. They tested fine, but still had the fault code. After more electrical testing and finding nothing else wrong, we had to go ahead and replace the ECM. So, just to let you know, the test in the video may find faulty drivers, but apparently something else was wrong inside the ECM, or the

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