Powerstroke Diesel Webinar Announcement

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Greetings to everyone! 

I will be presenting a one hour Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel FAQs webinar on June 2. It will be offered twice. Once at 7 PM Eastern time, and again at 7 PM Pacific time. I will cover some of the most frequently asked questions that I encounter and answer both during my live classes, as well as the questions I am asked daily by other technicians.

I have attached the registration form. Class is limited to 100 seats in each time slot.

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Mike, if you could send me a private email on how this goes for you, I'd really appreciate it. Your $29 charge is reasonable and if you get 100 participants, it certainly is a worthwhile effort. What is bothering me is the proliferation of free webinars from everybody under the sun including my company. It feels like "free battery installation" or "free check engine light" all over again. How is…

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Mike Instructor
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Will do, Phil!

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