Intermittent Crank No Start Issue

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When you get a (FCA) vehicle or Volkswagen routon with this symptom that is equipped with a totally integrated power module (TIPM) First check your basics. Power, fuel, spark. The most common cause of this problem is that there is no fuel coming out of the fuel line from the fuel pump on the fuel rail. In some cases technicians have installed a fuel gauge on the fuel line at the fuel rail and still can get 60 PSI on the gauge, but when observing what is coming out of the fuel line there is no fuel. When cranking the vehicle always monitor the fuel pump relay fuse in the (TIPM) if there is no 12V at this fuse, internally the fuel pump relay is not switching on. The fuel pump relay sends 12V to the fuse and then 12V to the fuel pump. When applying constant power at the fuel pump relay fuse the vehicle should start and run. If deciding on replacing the (TIPM) can not use a used module because the vin can not be rewritten once its married to a vehicle, causing vin mismatch dtc's. These fixes are for vehicles out of basic factory warranty and the recall does not apply. specifically dodge caravans and Chrysler town and country's and Volkswagen routon's.

There are three option on repair for this issue

  1. Replace the (TIPM) - When replacing the (TIPM) there is no programming needed. Make sure when the new (TIPM) is installed push down the (IOD) fuse and (ORC) module fuse. If your working on a mini van if its equipped with fog lamps you will have to switch a couple of wires because on new style replacement (TIPM) the fog lamps now become your directional turn signals. The new (TIPM) should come with instructions for this fix.
  2. Disassembling the (TIPM) and replacing the four bladed internal relay. by soldering out and in a new fuel pump relay on the circuit board. (Attached picture provided)
  3. On Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durango there is a recall for this issue. For Chrysler and Dodge Mini Vans there is not. In this case you can buy a prebuilt external relay and fuse wiring harness kit. Just google (TIPM) fuel pump relay kits.
Martin Diagnostician

You can get the relay relocation kit from the dealer even if there is no bulletin for that vehicle.

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Ryan Diagnostician
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I may get some backlash on this, but I’ve taken apart the tipm and relaced the fuel pump relay a hundred times. Easy fix if you have decent soldering skills. I ordered a box of 50 relays Online for a very good cost. Shop makes more money on repair and customer saves money. It’s a win ,win. I’m not a huge fan of those relay relocation kits.

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