Technical & Management Training Events

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Does your shop currently attend management or technical training? If you are a shop that does not attend any training why do you choose not to? Do you not attend because of inconvenient times, cost, lack of interest or because of skill level already obtained?

If you are a shop attending management training or signed up with a company like ati, shop hackers, etc what made you decide to spend the money and sign up with them? How did they reach out to you to get your attention or did you seek them out on your own?

Would you rather attend a one day event for just Technical, or just management or would an event that offers both for one day be better so you and your tech could go?

Would a two day event instead of one day with one management and one technical class offered each day so you and your tech could both get two days of classes make you want to attend more?

I know this is a lot of questions, as always I am researching ideas I have in my head. Thank you everyone that reply’s!

Michael Owner/Technician
Montague, New Jersey
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We always attend technical training as available from a variety of sources including: ATTS/TST, Worldpac, ATG and training at events such as Automechanica. Certain events like Vision and Sema are too far away and cost too much. All my staff are signed up with AVI as well but not one member of my staff has ever watched a video except for me. I was a member of repair shop coach for a year. I went…

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Vinney Owner/Technician
Congers, New York
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I will attend any training technical and management any time I can. I am a member if TST and lots of training through my suppliers, also on line when ever i find it. i send my team to all of these events i push them to do as much on line training as they can and the shop pay for all of the expenses. Over the years it has help a great deal in the shop and the check book, i am always looking to…

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Michael Owner/Technician
Montague, New Jersey
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I try as well and I do agree but if I can't pay for it I can't attend. I also have had times where classes were scheduled on the same day from multiple sources and you have to decide which you want the most.

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James Diagnostician
Bishop, Georgia
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I would love to attend more training events . however it would be easer if it was local . Athens Georgia has a multitude of independent shops as well as dealerships for all brands so it's a vast untapped market for training events. Nobody likes to go to Atlanta. Athens has hotels, The classic center can host events with a very large crowd. It would be great if you would consider this venue. If…

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Sam Mobile Technician
Flint, Michigan
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I am a mobile programmer and diagnostics tech. I miss a lot of the parts store hosted training. I attend what I can when I can. Training in my area has a really bad reputation of being bad. I am sure it is from years ago. I think many shops would appreciate a class held during the day. Maybe the same class 2 or 3 days in a row so all of the shop could attend without closing the shop. Evening…

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