2012 Ram 5500

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2012 Ram 5500 Laramie 6.7L (L ETJ) 6-spd (AS68RC)
P0766 — Shift Solenoid "D" Performance/Stuck Off
Going Into Limp Mode
Check Engine Light

I got to this vehicle, after all shift solenoids were replaced. It's our tow truck , re manufactured units not immediately available. Boss was ready to throw a unit at it. nobody checked switch input status/change.

My question is… do the pressure control solenoids, completely close off? Chrysler only sells whole valve body, for more than the cost of a reman. I have one coming from Florida, from I guess an aftermarket supplier. just trying to jump ahead​.​As it's now in my lap

Robert Technician

Transmissiondigest c​.​om ATSG Wayne can explain it better in article AS68RC Pressure-Switch and Performance Codes…. Ive done 50 of these transmissions R&R cab off for driveline engine/ trans . Be careful that transmission is heavy I use a HiLo. And I have seen info on your question posted but dont want to shoot from the hip ..Gears magazine also likes this trans , the trade…

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