Toyota A/T compensation code

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2011 Toyota Camry LE 3.5L (2GRFE) 6-spd (U660E)

Hey all, so yesterday we did a reman transmission in this 2011 toyota Camry 3.5. I had previously checked in the verus edge if we had the capabilities to read/write the compensation code. The function tab is there, I went in and was able to read the current 60 digit code and also the Save it tab seems to work but when you go into the manual enter tab for inputting the new code it first says enter 1-30 characters which should Say 1-60 but I was able to type in all 60 digits but a message “new value not accepted, try again”. after a few attempts and verifying the correct code we called snap on diah - they were no help to make a long story short. we were able to use our j2534 device and with TIS we were able to enter the code and confirmed it saved in the module. Wondering if anyone else has had success with this w/ a snap on scanner or another aftermarket ? Thanks

Steve Mechanic

I’ve only ever tried it with a Techstream but I’ve had a few times where it wouldn’t take the compensation code. I usually just Reset Memory and road test in stop and go traffic for 15 minutes. Never had any issues.

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Darrell Technician

If it doesn’t work you just need to really drive it for 20-50 miles for relearn. Or if the customer gets it back it will drive weird. Make sure you also do a memory reset and delete anything old

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David Technician

I tried it with techstream once and it didn’t accept the code.

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