Battery Maintainer not connected

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2011 Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE 5.0L (D) 6-spd (6HP28)
Thinks There Is No Battery Maintainer

Hey guys, I know this is a big question. But I need some help. Attempting to program a new Dealer sourced TCM/Mechatronics on this 2011 Land Rover Range Rover Sport. I am using a laptop with all the JLR SDD specs available in the Drew Tech J2534 Toolbox and on NASTF. I am using a Snap On Pass Thru Pro 3 with drivers just installed from the Snap On site last night. I downloaded version 157 and all 3 updates. I installed them in order and rebooted the computer after each installation. I open SDD, login, the car IDs quickly and accurately displays all modules including the TCM as communicating and fitted. I go to recomendations and select the TCM to configure a new module. I say yes to fitting a new module. I say yes to Ignition On. It says waiting to stabilize then pops up this message.


I am using a GR8 battery machine. I set it at 13.8 v, 14.5v, and 15.5v. I am measuring the same voltage at the battery and the DLC with key on. ​



The battery status in this picture shows everything is fine. What am I missing??


Also if I go to system status I get this red X and the orange?. However I am connected to killer WIFI and I have a laptop that meets all the requirements. I have Windows Firewall off for public and private networks. When you pull up the SDD software download page there is 2 packages labeled for a Panasonic. Do I need to be using a Panasonic laptop? Stumped at this point. Feel like I have down everything correctly but Im probably missing something??!!


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My SDD installation also shows the same error message for the battery maintainer. I just click the tick and go on my way. My PC system status is the same as well, I believe it's because we're not using the dealer spec Panasonic laptop. I also show the same network ? when I am connected to wifi as well. Never had any issues programming new modules with a CarDaq-M, it functions very similar to…

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William Diagnostician
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On later model Land Rover the battery monitor is on the negative cable and can cause issues when programming. We have been advised to hook the negative cable of the power supply to a good ground at least 3 ft from battery. ie engine block. Not sure if this your issue as I use an Autologic but it is worth a shot.

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What William said

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Hi - Program these often as a Land Rover independent - must use a good battery support unit (50 amp) and connect negative to a good earth away from battery.

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I had one recently. the pass through device (I was using a Cardaq +2) with a remoter and the pass through device wasn't reporting the correct voltage from the diagnostic connector. I also found the SDD programming works better when hardwired to the internet

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Hook the negative charger lead to the negative post on the passenger side on or in front of the strut tower/fender liner.

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Hey guys thanks for all the responses. Brandon I was not able to click the Tick when this message popped up. It was greyed out. Any way after speaking with Sam from Tool Hut I was told I do need the Panasonic Windows 7 file. I uninstalled everything last night. Downloaded the Panasonic file. Installed the Panasonic first and then 157 with the updates in order and it worked great this morning!

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As Dean and William have already mentioned on vehicles that monitor the state of charge as well as state of health of the battery and the charging system it is necessary to have the voltage and amperage be seen through the battery monitoring sensor. When both charging cables are at the battery terminals the PCM or BCM have no idea that there is battery charging occurring. Hope you are able to…

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