Lost control of settings and signal flashers

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2015 Ford F-150 Lariat 3.5L (G) 6-spd (6R80)

Customer brought in truck with the symptoms of turn signals won’t cancel when returned to center position and steering wheel controls inoperable. Also power running boards inoperable. This all started after battery was run down playing radio then jumped off. Replaced battery and left cable off overnight no change. When I go into sccm data I’m not seeing any change in steering wheel switchs for info. display or cruise control. Replaced sccm/ clock spring with no change. Reprogrammed bcm also run self test on ipc, running board module, all pass no codes. I can communicate with all modules. Will the apim/sync module cause this problem? When using the ok or left / right arrows on wheel I have no response in info display to move to settings for running boards. It looks like bcm controls flasher on and off time. Emergency flashers work fine. 

Dan Owner/Technician

… Possibly a reverse polarity jump attempt (OOPS !! ) when the sparks fly it is too late… Dan H. … Hobbs… South Texas …

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Rusty Owner/Technician

A full DTC scan says what?

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Alex Owner/Technician

Can you update the gateway module? That module is an important one as all data passes through there. But this would be a weird can bus intermittent data loss and that should probably codes set codes. Did you verify any of those buttons are sending the commands? Are you actually able to control the info display at all? Do the running boards work at all? Can you manually control the running…

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