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Good evening everyone, I took last week off and took the family to the beach, so now I’m paying for it. Over 30 voicemails/text messages were waiting for me when I got back to my small business. Even though anxiety is high this week, it was definitely worth it. I made it a point to completely disconnect from anything automotive related. I had packed a couple of books that I picked up at Worldpac/STX, but left them alone this time, choosing to read a sci-fi novel instead. Even though I am definitely obsessed with automobiIes, I was feeling burned out. I feel refreshed and excited to be back to work. 

Enough about me. Rich Falco & I are teaching a 2 night, 4 hour class next Monday and Wednesday evenings (7-11-2022 & 7-13-2022). This class is hot off the presses & we’re very excited to present it to you. The topic is Advanced/Electronic Steering Systems. Please take a look at the flyer: new​.​cti-lms​.​com/Flyers/Default…. and click on “Subscribe Here” if you’d like to sign up. Cost is $50. I hope y’all can join us !

Steve Instructor

Hi Dave I attempted to register for your Monday Wednesday class but I haven’t received approval yet. I will call CTI on Monday Talk to you Monday night. Steve …

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David Diagnostician
North Carolina

Hi Steve, Thanks for your interest in the class. Please let me know asap if your not able to get signed up. It actually takes someone throwing a switch or something at headquarters to make it happen 😉. Also, I think educators can attend for free. Please ask when you call. Here’s my contact information: David …

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